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and skilled microscopist. Again the work differs from
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fills up the nostril completely so that in seeing this
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could be very perceptibly felt yet of course the cells
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for it is probably only a question of time when a re
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Westcott H.D. Attending Physician to the Diapensary for Dis
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operator who was proved guilty of practising medicine
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offers. There had been one chill reported. A sugges
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required and the addition of more calcium tended to reduce the clotting
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the technical difficulties in the operation would have been considerable. It is
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suppose that the whole growth was sarcomatous from its origin but of an
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institutions as are supported by the individual gifts of
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supposed that degeneration would occur in these tumours at least as frequently
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at which the very earliest maladjustments can be dealt with is essential.
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in the present instance was diseased to a point roughly midway between the
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operations bearing directly upon the ovaries or tubes
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violate any of the provisions of Section ten of this act.
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cases are the beet single series that have ever been
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scope to all the little reason we possess should be
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with purulent discharge edges surrounding skin hyperaemic and sharply cut
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secured in any position and rotated or moved in various directions. With the
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nial loop of the small intestine accidentally opened at
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foot will show that to prevent this sinking downward
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I believe Keith severed one or both in one case. Mr.
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less important forms of which as many as a half dozen
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sloughing appears at first sight to be a detrimental factor in the application
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bleeding from the bowel. There was no family history of tubercle and no
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associated with suppurative processes as toosillary
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outer wall chiselled away. Interior contained reddish material like blood clot
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very best. In cases where hejwiache is very severe
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effect of the chemical rays on the skin as previously
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the effort is made to forcibly raise the head and shoul
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suggested by the results which I have so far obtained.
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the nature of the deviation before we are in a pos
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to withstand the shock of the longer operation required
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means of reacting against agents of different species
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sifb acute laryngitis 1 from chronic laryngitis 1 from
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dementia praecox are not dependent upon the regressive atrophy of either the
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were normal clinically. A skiagram revealed no abnormality of the pituitary fossa.
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making further inquiries regarding the ss. Clcmenceau and the ship s company
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February 1919 Operation to shorten ulna surgeon not known.
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our medical societies this winter. The difficulty and
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A New Pathology and Treatment of Nervous Catarrh. By
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paralysis of the excitatory. The second alternative
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head on the cervical and pelvic nerves. It was well
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tained in blood secondly it acts because it is bland
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performed. Lateral sinus exposed and pus evacuated. Abscess extended nearly
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ern myriads swept down upon the fertile valley of the
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laceration being followed by extravasation of blood between chorion and tube
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centration may also occur after surgical operations in gastro intestinal


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