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headache general j ains anorexia and sore throat. When 1 saw

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attacks however and later a few petit mal attacks. The menstrua

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show extraordinary lack of care. Intercurrent infec

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the blood in the ordinary sense plays no role as hemolysis and

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nuclear di ision in lymphocytes themselves 2 they develop in

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creted four ounces of urine it calls for relief. If

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land anticipating the loss of their situations as clergymen many

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the blood of 150 syphilitics as well as of 100 patients suffering from

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nakedness he reacts with shame and toward the bowel movements

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is especially true in tissues. A large number of cases have been

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method of administering mercury intravenously without the unpleasant

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new growths. I question very much whether Krause s case is

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were attacks of this character in her previous history and it is not

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are grouped separately both before and after exercise and in each

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in the Civil War. From 1SS4 to 1888 he was clinical

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Therefore the treatment of hemorrhage pathological and traumatic

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iMomburg remarks that his results indicate with what safety the

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place he found to his consternation that they were negroes as

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sanction constitutes a definite problem while in all parts of the

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that no impulse was generated at the sinus node. The resumption

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different from the ordinary conception in spite of the almost uni

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added convulsions or convulsive mo ements of the muscles if the

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muscular ring or by an absence of the pylorus closing reflex. Thus

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ing it is well to consider what sort of health education can be


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