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Dr. Eastes proved to be sarcoma of the small round celled variety.

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to periods of melancholia attended by delusions and by

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and when this important point had been settled the approximate sites of

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i mm. in width. The liver contained numerous groups of small growth

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second incision directly over the fundus of the gall

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being taught to lift it himself from the shoulder even

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clear knee jerks present. Blood negative except for

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normally sufficient to cause their destruction. Hence I think that until the

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but there is not the sudden letting down of all the

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complained of severe headache and pain in the back.

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certainly relaxation is not given the place that should

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the appendix. The adhesions were so firm that I re

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way the adhesions can usually be felt or the ioflamma

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atrophied and subsequently no spermatozoa are formed.

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Operation On the 18th vomiting continued. General condition much the same

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fifteen and twenty five years there is a history of

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mediately than if it is postponed till worse comes to

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and the day following be seemed but little weaker than

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light on this subject. I am very much interested in

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the following tests are quite sufficient to determine the condition of the kidneys

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cytostome the nucleus being a separate body vesicular in type or represented

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state the effect of valium and alcohol on neonatal development

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America have been working on the same lines and have reported improved

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cavity. The strengthening of the suture line with a tag

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better word I have called collectively arthritis. The nearest approach to a

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and chronic nephritis glycosuria and uraemia amp c. On the other hand the

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surgeon escapes as for example those of securing our patients and persuading

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spermatogenesis. In some places the spermatozoa are normal in appearance and

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For the week ending January 27 in Boston according to ob

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what was again supposed to be indigestion. This was

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bill now before the legislature to establish a State

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that in sepsis a sense of comfort and well being on the

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mistaken for erysipelas even by the better versed physi

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sidered himself well and robust until three years ago

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made artificially immnne acts in the same way against

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weeks later having a continuous pus temperature and

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the existence of perivasculitis of the retinal vessels so

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the streptococci were present there was a more fatal

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is well shown the glands in places have obvious epithelium and the stroma

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were small amounts of fibrin. Usually this was mingled

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The path of infection in eight cases was traced through the fenestra ovalis

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showing deeply infiltrated with blood and the stomach

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published in which the partial removal of the enlarged

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an over refinement of diagnostic and prognostic signifi

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gnide and upon carefnl search a little opening will

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these pathogenic cocci are found in the buccal cavity.

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muscular fibres. The muscular fibres appear swollen

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and civilization will fight this battle. It will be a strife


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