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had no case of recovery after the use of the toxins

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place and with that type of uterus the fundus could

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fetus. For cases taken to hospital where the cervix is not dilated

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nervous tissue it being frequently impossible to pronoimce before

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symptoms if it develop in the secondary stage of syphilis may be

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protection may be obtained is by the insulation of man from the

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were found in September 1912. At this time he had dulness

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tion but there will be something more than individual effort there

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c.c. injected along the sacrococcygeal articulation

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soldiers I am very sure that had any of the tuberculin tests been

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moving pictures literature lectures and the establishment of clin

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commission were relatively common a few of which are subjoined.

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able to distinguish clearly between and to separate this condition

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German neurologist H. Curschmann. This work which is in two

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monary.syphilis is for the most i art of pathological interest only.

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SSI cases with a maternal mortality of 7 per cent. a fetal mortality

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practically all species of amebas. Even clinically evidence has

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logical study of the case demonstrated its tubercidous nature. The

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in July 1919 state that 33 of all prostitutes in the United States

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case was one of gastric carcinoma and desired the opinion of the

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only liquids and oatmeal. He can not digest any meat and is

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Bullous Dermatitis Caused by the Colon Bacillus. Potter Jour.

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itself chiefly into the problem of developing controls of conduct of

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service which usually actuates the medical and lay managers of

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formerly possessed since the introduction of modern immvmotherapy

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about waiting till he gets better before living up to his duties

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four of whom developed general paresis and the fifth syphilitic

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fessor of bacteriology and has as his assistant Mr.

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records of patients to see if this skepticism was justified or not.

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straight. In a few months they return usually reinfected and

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been suffering for three years with nausea and vomiting and an ob

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dyspnea. Pulse went up to 150 and was weak and thready.

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vanced pulmonary tuberculosis the specific ferments

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resistive to any form of medication and produce little or at times.

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enough to pay their fare to Toronto they did so. As they were

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itching subsides and the papules flatten down to a slight thickening

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since other cells on the same section are staining quite well. In

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