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macy and Dentistry from colleges requiring a proper
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that came to me with a diagnosis of cancer of the rec
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These considerations not only account for tho indifferent remote results of
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nary stenosis was found though there had been abso
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gall stones partial gastrectomy for gastric ulcer gastroenterostomy for
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manufacturing establishments in the city by reason of
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capillaries are questions which as this paper is already so long must be
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It was decided to evacuate the swelling partly on account of the severity
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approximated to the cancerous area without unnecessary mutilation and
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which more or less of the renal parenchyma had been
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ordinary category of labour complicated by an ovarian tumour in which Csesarean
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rod running through a hole in the bottom of each card.
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the attainment of the writer s aim namely the utter
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sulphide products of di ethyl amine and of di methyl amine. These compounds
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arsenical papers may at timet be due to the inhalation
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foetus presumably dead about forty eight hours with a
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Histology. Microscopically the growth and the structures invaded by it
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sions. Along course of ileum and colon areas of con
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afterward but she fell into a condition of stuporous


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