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development of bloodvessels in the lower portion of the uterus. Stratz

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The most recent papers on this disease are those of Gardner

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that on purely clinical grounds a differentiation is not possible.

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process on the other side reversing bauds. 1 be deep

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blurred and as if looking through a veil. The vision in the left

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the luetin reaction in differentiating aortic and vascular disease

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most secluded spot in the whole world. But in the town each one

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the following books The Mental Hygiene of Childhood by Wil

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The fourth case of endocarditis to be transfused was a man who

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denal ulcers. He believes this is a much neglected but

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nervous affections among the diseases whose incidence is considerably

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The heart was a little more vertical than normal. When the patient

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and degenerated cells are frequently seen in the same section of

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in a case of salpingitis. He mentions several theories.

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described in detail. Finally the author takes up the application of

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in the control of certain contagious diseases has been attained

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and the torn area almost encircled the ventricle. There was a stenosis

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Several brief articles in the British Medical Journal The Jour


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