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the right external carotid artery. The right and left internal
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than do the upper extremities. In the early period of primary
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The annual meeting of the Ontario Branch of the Canadian Na
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the course and finally determines the end of a large percentage of
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method of introducing a special wire into the aneu
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or pyonephrosis posterior gastro enterostomy carcinoma or ulcer
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effect of pancreas extract from cattle upon rabbits In
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By Miss Zada Keifer Supervisor Hospital Extension and Tuber
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large amounts of blood three pounds or more are known by actual
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if any proliferation of the connective tissue associated with the
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Thomas Olive became the owner of one share of the Pro
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feebleminded then the province should become its foster parents
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wound surface has become clean and the flap containing the tuber
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lobe posteriorly with a somewhat prolonged expiration. The
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numerous observers so that at the present time an annoying dis
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The history of the previous pregnancies was helpful in sixteen
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organs I would especially refer to that of the meso
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sent the Canadian National Council for Combating Venereal
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or the other of these secretions. A total absence of secretion
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for scientific work as ever to accomplish much. The
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he has shown his ability to swallow water. In severe cases it may
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the injection was made. These animals showed no symptoms what
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it is not clear that the lower protein diet had defi
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of aching in the pelvis accompanied with soreness 1
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to exclude the possible presence of any protective substances the
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evidence of inflammation fermentation bacterial action and any
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in the walls of the stomach intestines or elsewhere
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knowledge in spite of much experimental work is very meager
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of dermatology Lier has found Gram forms present and Ziehl
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impracticable to include these last in the investigation.
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ment. Physicians will make this duty of the instruc
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The answer must be found in Robinson s statement that each


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