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ing arteriosclerosis as of prime importance for kidney disease is

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of the hand without causing pain. The little finger

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lem however which under present conditions must be met by relief.

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cervical lymphatic enlargement only as large as rice kernels and occa

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There is no trouble in the eyes to account for her headaches. She

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Physicians who have only an occasional case of diabetes under

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Status of Our Knowledge Regarding the Parasitic Amoeba. The

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the Bacillus Hoffmani. It is probable that the virulent strains remain

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He was irritable and refractory to parental control

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Mrs. Hanington visited the coast cities inspecting Greater Van

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in 1684 he is mentioned as of Burlington merchant. He

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On the other hand the cases of typical pseudosclerosis of Alz

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necessary. Belladonna atropin and papaverin are the drugs most

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one or two cases vomiting has been produced. In but one case

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necessities of the case demanded that he should make

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was at the Insane Hospital at South Boston where he

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the various other cosmetic skin diseases are discussed. The snoAv

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after treatment are absolute. In cardiac insufficiency

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endured silently. Resentment can have no place in the physician s

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It may be that the collargol is itself more irritating

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it out is in proportion. Irrespective of when the NaCl

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the drug has been prolonged in its administration until the toxic

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epidemics which large bodies of troops suffer from.

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consequent upon rise and fall in the activity of chronic septic foci

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over not too long a period will cause the healing or disappearances

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lasting a month six years ago. In the last three to

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done to correct the anteflexion which it was thought

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such cases with recurrent scotomata the danger of permanent

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considered an operation of magnitude sufficient to secure a competent

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associated with telangiectases elsewhere on the body particularly

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it is that it completely ignores the great improvement following

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medium of the germ plasm. The union of the germ plasm of the

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policy of leave it to John to be remembered only for its futility


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