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to be fixed is not necessarily so. On the other hand a stomach

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wine and the predominance of one variety in certain districts

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and taken either broiled or boiled. Fish mainly the white

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July 26 eighth day. The patient was persuaded to eat by

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disease bacteriological methods of examination of the same and

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the diseases of infants children and women the relation of the

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dyspnea. Physical examination showed canhac enlargenient with

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gastric lumen is susceptible of quite early recognition by reason of the

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blood showed that the proportion of white to red cells was not

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rence of an epidemic of smallpox. Ministry of Health Report

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the donor. However with stimulation the donor recovered in about

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Briefly his physical examination revealed a thin poorly nourished

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the ordinary amount of post anesthetic shock 2 it should be given

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argues strongly in favor of functional rather than organic gastric

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or a positive Wassermann in the patient himself. The discovery

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month. Fifty four of these 269 or 20 were breast fed through

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The Federal Government has but little power to control the

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It gives the writer j leasure to acknowledge his indebtedness to

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press accurate information on all medical matters of

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cinal treatment of true angina depend somewhat on its origin whether

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valvular disease during compensation and at another time as

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rough spot in the left cheek which gradually increased in prominence

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complications of intrathecal baclofen pump prevention and cure

Dr. Warren are considered. Several examinations were made on

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Mesaortitis. Since mesaortitis with or without coronary

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Have the past two years experience justified the expectation ex

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right lung was c lla sed and undergoing pressure atrophy. The

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or it may be that the frequency of micturition and straining bring

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if during the previous twelve months he has lived in

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in the non operated cases one quarter of the latter as compared with

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ciples enunciated by the Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board

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sues will also develop normally. The development of

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aortitis and systolic blood pressure of 194. The mother s sister

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was adherent to the liver and omentum. The second animal on which


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