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    conditions. He continues to discuss tenosynovitis of

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    tween the stems closely covered with clam shells with their

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    dermic injections of emetin carried to them by the blood stream.

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    Ford Priest at the Town of Northampton published in 1682.

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    existence of illicit sexual intercourse are very largely responsible

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    so it is imperative that our roentgenologists should be grounded

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    of bacterial infections occur they are always accom

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    factor in the disease. Tlieir observations liave not been generally

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    diers Civil Re Establishment and the Canadian Association for

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    the uniformly negative results of the test in healthy individuals

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    cytosis Konnecke found sodium nucleinate given intramuscularly

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    year or so of married life or after her first pregnancy an ascending

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    fection of the free pleural cavity and avoidance of

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    destruction was present several months after splenectomy as.shown

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    ache. His general health was good until the spring of 1910. when

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    the gastro intestinal tract from like cause. The reader will be inter

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    detected in the lungs he was afebrile and his general condition

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    Summary. 1. Inflammation or irritation of the pleural or

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    ciated with a leukopenia. 7 The differential count shows a lympho

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    Cutan. Dis. October 1915 thinks trichloracetic acid has a selective

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    unless the sweats are markedly heavy. Coughing occurred in 45 per

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    theroid bacillus which is found in the enlarged lymph nodes in that

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    along the right sciatic nerve and he had a tempera

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    Single colony growing from a piece of gland tissue. Colony gray

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    An incision starting one and a half inches from the chin was

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    was also present in the arteries of different organs. The changes in

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    the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United

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    finally had his death sentence served to him in such a

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    supporting the painful part with the hand to immobilize the chest.

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    by observations of MacKenzie and Capps who showed that

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    kind in the form of a toxemia many of the expressions of which


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