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    ness of this publication by issuing it quarterly or even semi annually

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    Industrialism was made for man not man for Industrialism.

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    God look unflinchingly at that same great ideal which Confuscius

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    developments however show clearly that there was also a tuberculous process

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    find expression in various sublimated forms. Such social activities

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    psychiatric work. in connection with the examination of immi

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    action upon epithelial tissues and finds it most useful in the treatment

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    infectious diseases discussed under Hemorrhagic Conditions page

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    patients in the United States during the first half of 1921 shows

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    esophagus or the duodenum. The toxic action of bile

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    idly in past two years. Had a fine head of hair but

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    sis of these cases recorded in literature shows that

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    thorax maintained for one year. Relief in all symp

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    Remittances should be made by money order draft or registered

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    to harmful influences at this period but it is probably safe to say

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    of polynuclear varieties in the acute stages. The venules are usually

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    and inspiration to other cities. The failure to avail

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    diate diuresis which was offset by subsequent fall in excretion. To

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    an infusion of 16 ounces of salt solution was given. The operation

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    passed over as unimportant and have therefore not been subjected

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    Advisory Committee on Venereal Diseases of Military District

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    demonstrated at the usual points. The heart had resumed practic


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