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employing Bacillus prodigiosus on account of the ease with which it could be

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ing the tumor and it waswell that it had been spared

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ism have been greatly benefited by thyroid feeding

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still very obvious. Four years ago mother operated upon for right cervical rib

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most serious consequences would result and the young

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This bone was normal. Dura of middle fossa exposed smooth white and

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Health has issued a warning against the use of water

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hundreds of eminent physicians remarkable remits are

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presides over and in some way regulates the conversion of food lime into

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understand the artificial interruption of pregnancy

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or some slipshod thinker scoffs at nervousness as a

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the use of the forceps also in cases of large tumors

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not tender and had caused no pain or disability. Passive movements at elbow

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irritated. Per contra in studying chronic experimental

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ketonuria resulted. He has remained free from sugar and acetone bodies for two

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I had heard nothing about this acute form of haemor

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the stump and three of these died besides the hope

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distinct that the patient was startled and inquired

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come them after a fashion but the work perfornaed is

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this she remained in bed for a week or ten days suffer

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very widely used. But we must recognize that its claims to accuracy are

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only when moulding the material over certain complex

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sun causes this change to disappear. The skin lesion normally disappears at

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vagina and the vaginal introitus and when thus seated

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A Wandering Silk Suture removed from the Urethra as a Sequel to

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operation and it is not difficult to give a fsirly satis

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heart failure the usefulness of a publication of their

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matic. The diagnostic value of electricity is limit to

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can be produced outside of the body in artificial cul

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operated upon between 1914 and 1921 the mortality was 18 per cent. The

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arms always has a directly quieting influence and so

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magnum and referred to in the history of the case was

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life at least where the balm and aroma of the orange

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that Gower s standard tint for comparison is appar

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esl Beport of the Boaton City Hospital. Awarded one of the Lyman

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polar changes in the hand there was loss of faradic

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with the posterior nasal mirror and with the finger one

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perienced every week in his efforts to empty the bowels

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Chichester Hospital with thirty five patients we have a cook a housemaid who

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had almost said yesterday. The subjection of research

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epithelial cells and are closely approximated. This is due to the almost complete

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peripheral nerves. Other observers have found atro

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containing the larvae in water. Invariably they become more active and travel

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ones look like boiled sago grains the larger have a


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My face itching unbearably was relieved on applica

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in the side at any time. The next attack was about a

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over again I have noticed that although the chloro

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