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I WOULD draw the members attention to two special points in the following

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for those of you on valium

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that by correcting them we stop a leakage of nervous energy. We also

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filthy water insanitary houses foul air overwork and starvation. The skin

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dark blood flowed from the peritoneal cavity beyond.

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the hospital the skin was somewhat jaundiced and the

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other. The operation was decided upon to attempt to

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of treatment was by laying on of hands and swearing

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should be stated that the vacuoles are not always so smooth and regularly

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On sixteenth day after operation arm found firm in its whole length limb

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judicial mind sometimes falls namely that of lack of

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mortem findings the presence of cancer cells in the vaginal wall could often

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entirely under injections of air or fluid. In these

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cases and only then when the condition of the gland

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bohls who had studied five hundred cases fixes the rate

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with two physicians who are to go over the whole line

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proud advantage he holds over the minds of long ago.

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as being ready to operate as soon as the diagnosis is

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During fourteen years of his work at the Charity Hospi

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point of division clamping of vessels in a mass of tissue without ligature

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syphilis. The speaker said that cases of paresis of

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below the level of the peritoneal floor of Douglas s pouch. Usually hard

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what is valium used for and what are the side effects

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healthy place the only case near at hand was in the

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other though this was doubtful. A diagnosis of suppurating multiple denti

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studied and the results will be communicated later.

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children early in her last pregnancy about which she

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The only change in care was the omission of douches

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distress immediately after eating heart burn eructations

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all inhabitants when the public health requires it The

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to give the praise to this little work which is no more

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peritoneal cavity the surgical Charmides now seeks to

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the 08 uteri was fully dilatable after twenty hours of

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day I changed my mind as to diagnosis and thought it

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Operation Wound opened. No further bone disease discovered. Dura of

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lymphatics running to the fibrous capsule of the prostate. They were next

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means of locating such cavities and of determining their

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healthy brain state yet snch appears to be the troth.

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May I in the first place summarize some of the conclusions reached by

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operation has been the means of preserving the patient s

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lesion is in its nature specific but even then there is

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disease In children 169 Cathcart G. W. descriptive catalogue of

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ill health of Dr. Canniff who has held the position

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with the fistula healed about three months after the

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an anti corrosive coating which would resist the rasp

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the victory which is essential to life the carbonates and phosphates of the

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Every gynaecologist knows the difficulty of making a correct diagnosis in

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repeated the staining experiments firsl described by Mr. Douglas Cause in L904 by

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ing yielding somewhat to the antipyretics in the after

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many of these cases of post operative lung complications.

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casion in the recent address in connection with the

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walled evidently composed only of atrophied mucous membrane and peri

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F. J. Mills Brownb medical director retired granted two

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dilated. The rigidity remained the same with slight

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