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mastoid. An incision was made in this muscle and under moderate
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grain daily or less is sufficient. The duration of the treatment is
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The work contains two main divisions a special and a general
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than by the calendar or by seniority. No physician or
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sulphate in the treatment of tetanus with decidedly less toxic action.
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nephritis and the acute non suppurative interstitial nephritis.
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a large amount of blood with air was in the pleural sac. Death
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appearance of the vesicular stage the white count again increases
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ply or may be due to functional disturbances in the
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the acid phosphate was more probably the Ca acid phosphate than
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to return fully to normal weight. Any increase that is possible
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longer a matter of academic or theoretical interest but a subject of
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the various ill effects of industrial dusts came to the conclusion that the
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chlorbutanol was added to every 100 c.c. of the novo
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noon. Five special supervisors are responsible to the Director of
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suffering from interstitial nephritis Gull and Sutton asserted years
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Staubli states that very early there de elops a bronchial catarrh.
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ran downward from the mouth to the chin and outward along the
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again had a high temperature the spleen was again enlarged
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uniformly filled with an exudate consisting chiefiy of polymorpho
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hazardous if not an unwarranted procedure. And yet on the
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The arachnoid scars show that this membrane is one of the few places
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normal children. Those who are not normal are left to find their
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take treatment. The social case sheet may also be used for in
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remained tAventy four hours before burying. Moreover the tem
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almost or even completely emptied during the brief period of
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showing any degree of cardiac decomi ensation from whom a radial
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well as the adrenal affections and to indicate the prominence and
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cerebrospinal system. There is always an etiologic factor to which
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spasticity was not very pronounced. The triceps and biceps tendon
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some other means when the lesion was situated so that it was
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presentation of the symptomatology of lead poisoning and finally
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lish Translation and Text. Humphrey Milford Oxford University
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problems to recognize the common responsibilities and raise the
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brow presentation or where the greater portion of the head enters
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