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his observation upon thousands of cases has found that 60 per

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It rarely exists alone but is associated with extensive fibrinous or

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hour or more followed by a perceptible secretion in the second phase

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distinguish certain types of nephritis there being a close agreement

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the University of Toronto introduced the following eleven nurses

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with the increased feeling of strength in the entire body. In 2

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subjected to thorough scrubbing with a strong solu

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ascending flaccid paralysis irrespective of pathological findings.

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drug possessed any antihemorrhagic qualities and believes there

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All letters containing business communications or referring to

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dissolves readily in water giving a clear markedly acid solution which

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spite of this measure but such cases are quite uncommon.

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the tissues of the gut only awaiting favorable conditions to become

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be improved. Let me offer a few suggestions and a common sense

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of the recurrence and the multiplicity of skin nod

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treatment of syphilis and a campaign of education. Thirteen

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because of an original interest in the peculiar class

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The Canadian National Council for Combating Venereal Dis

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and of Diller and Rosenbloom who studied the nitrogen sulphur

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fluid should be reduced to the smallest possible quantity. In such

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faihire to produce an undoubtedly infectious disease with the acid fast

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These alterations in the age and sex grouping result in bringing

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The tendon reflexes of the lower limbs are moderately increased

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worse at the menstrual periods. Often no definite pelvic lesion is

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swellings of the extremities in both angioneurotic edema and in

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palpable tumors of the stomach to be inoperable. This is rather

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syphilis and trophic disturbances may be observed in any syphilitic

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physician had made an examination found a great deal of pus and

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In this manner he is able to plot three characteristic

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Mitchell Flexner and Edsall but the results were apparently


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