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The perforation in the tympanic membrane has healed in both ears and all

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decided improvement in all her symptoms. The pnlse

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diagnosis but Pott s disease can at present be made.

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communities of America as it has been decided to be in the

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spinal cord from vertebral dislocation together with

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impressive array of facts in support of their view.

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est. I expected they would register high probably at

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eases New York 11 Chicago 4 Brooklyn and Milwaukee 3 each

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these last cases have seemed to me to be very sugges

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unsatisfactory and they generally become hopeless chronic invalids. In the

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exertion or over stimulation of the nerve cells of the

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tained 1 It means years of suffering and treatment

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tell which will grow and which will remain stationary

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There are no positive data as to the length of time

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would greatly diminish the injurious effects of the dif

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For the week ending February 10 in Boston according to ob

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the surgeon must accept the classification of Pawlowski

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Steeves s especial contention is that the existing pro

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and portions of the integument covering the neck and

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seems therefore probable that these thecal cells are continually being formed

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ful eyes turned toward the open sea. The hardy Greek

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dose of X rays. Hence introduction of radium into the rat was conjoined

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rooms in which consumptives have lived and died in in

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The ground plan is reproduced it will be observed that there are no

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being simple or sub simple and producing by constriction at their extremities

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on the usual solid laboratory media mostly roundish or oval budding yeast

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more certain that a head was engaging the supposed pro

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and compressible the breasts showed early signs of pregnancy. Per abdomen

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ever the affection is one which tends to become aggra

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of virulence. Cultures of the pnenmococcus are some

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cast. Care is necessary in taking the cast of the foot

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blood vessels of the head originate in the spinal cord


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