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    splitting of the internal elastic fiber. A similar result was observed in

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    constitutional stenosis at the lower end of the ileum

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    seventy to seventy nine. The figures given by Cornet indicate

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    The immunity becomes less marked toward the end of tbe first year

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    and 52 per cent in two hours. His non protein nitrogen was 23

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    five living nonsyphilitic infants and three infected ones that have

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    parisons are being made enable us to judge the relative need for

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    chance of its demonstration. On either curvature of the pars

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    scopically any suspicion of tuberculosis. Gram staining Much organ

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    average diastolic 12 mm. After a period of rest the systolic pressure

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    fever. In 8 per cent the reflex is negative. These are highly nervous

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    easy means of keeping in touch with the latest developments of

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    earners work in plants employing small numbers. Employers of less

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    ished but Roentgen ray examination revealed only peribronchial

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    discharge is intended. This is the weak point of the book. The only

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    muscle are dissected free from the hyoid bone upward and neces

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    Bearing on the Question of Oophorectomy. Journal of Nervous and

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    operative in causing an organic achylia and in which a bad prognosis

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    dark chocolate colored fluid were withdrawn see Plate. The odor

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    diarrhea on twelfth day. Dry pericarditis on fifteenth day. Im

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    menstruate when she was fourteen but had not menstruated at

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    especially when in conflict with clinical and x ray

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    that deny to children fresh air exercise and abundant recreation

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    which the spinal fluid is sterile. Cerebral intoxication is most strikingly

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    II. Hyperplasia of endothelial elements with giant cell formation.

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    capacities of the blood and tissues and the relations of the concentra

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    who come to our cities annually the best protected are probably

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    pedicle of third and fourth cartilages and part of ribs resection of

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    our remarks apply equally to the man nurse and his patient.

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    mixture titrated for anticomplementary hemolytic and antigenic


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