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prove quite a difficult quibble to settle. Berlin Corre
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satisfactory removal was doubtful or impossible diathermy should be tried.
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The question of diagnosis in this case was important.
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That the College of Physicians respectfully requests
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confined to maternity hospitals bnt have extended into
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both outside of the line of the nipple. In one case
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a few months a knuckle appeared and later au abscess.
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of the action of the psyche which included the following parts
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lowed almost to the fimbriated end where it stopped.
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was in my own case that I first began to use codeine. For
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operated upon under intrafo acheal anaesthesia and of course it is very
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myxcedema and can be added to the rapidly lengthen
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some cases it may be and is impossible to do other
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In cases of unilateral surgical disease of the kidney where it is necessary
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I offer this case in detail as a plea for immediate
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field Somervilie Salem and Fitchburg I each. From whooping
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fibrous tissue. Some of the dilated spaces were more
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to tbe San Jos Hospital of Lisbon died recently from tbe
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October 30tb she was delivered of a foetot apparently
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It happened that both of these cases were on the left
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psychic impression is more apt to produce an effect if of
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case of suspected suppuration in which an examination
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any rise of temperature more than one or two degrees
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sation of the injections at the same rate as before I
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lar development and to increase the flexibility of the
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year thinking that physicians have an inexhaustible
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a decalcified bone tube. The article is a valuable one
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are developed in the vaginal crypts which are lined
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Tapir Tapirus indicus. am showing this sketch in order to demon
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bed and from that time ceased to feel foetal movements.
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the right ovarian region there was slight dulness. On
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this and testimony from many directions throw light
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litic tubercular and inflammatory processes and the
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open the previous incisions which had not yet entirely
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cotton tightly on the end of a piece of stiff wire five
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degrees of intensity menstrual disturbances leucor
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presence of three pairs of peri acetabular glands in Schistosomum mansoni
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one who is helplessly intoxicated to the proper use
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longed convalescence of the latter method the insoffi
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a cause is general in nature such as the contamination
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Shaffer. A new operation for the relief or cure of rotary lateral
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registration of vital statistics in each one of the United
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acute controversy. Probably the best picture of urban conditions is contained
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did not wait during the meetings. Ooe could readily


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