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fluid into the tunica vaginalis. This has led me to

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three times in the same woman for from three to four

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place when both vein and artery were tied the blood

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they prefer the high fever to the effect of the anti

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cervix was atrophied the edges hard and a polypus was seen protruding from

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address of any consumptive coming under observation

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terial and venous blood showed the normal excess of

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did find a case in which artificial respiration failed.

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I do not know how to explain these cases. It is possi

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the most careful examination of the chest seldom finding any physical signs

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resembling pertussis in its paroxysmal character and

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test. Miller and Cabot quoted by Brasch in Surgery Gynaecology and Obstetrics

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was too sickening for me to have much interest in it

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and will be of aid in understanding the value of future

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Specimens were taken and examined for actinomycosis amp c but nothing

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fancy being restrained the practical aspect of the sub

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ground but upon the normal semicircle which the outer

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in the event this last ligature should not be care

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there were 21 cases out of 25 where relief was possi

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The ovary was removed by laparotomy and the fibroid

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of alcoholic origin. The earlier writers as Bodd and

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in the first edition of Ziemssen s Cyclopedia and have

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conditions part of which are due to the irritation of

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a half centimetres in diameter. On section the cortex

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I should be glad to have him give his opinion of it.

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one of the most eminent gynaecologists in New York

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quantity of urine that had escaped by the drainage opening had never been

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when a physician from any reason suspects that a pa


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