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indistinct and to outer side extending far into periphery a large area appearing

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by a condition of irritation produced through the short

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situated. The pupil was small and its margin attached

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A small cyst was found upon the left ovary about the

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under the auspices of this Society will be held at Rome in Jane

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This National Organization is composed of medical officers of

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Neurasthenia or the loss of nervous tonicity is a prime

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It has seemed to me that a very erroneous idea of the

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cells. These cells usually contain lipoid granules in the syncytium and when

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sionate criticism proved that these hitherto accepted

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opacities. In July 1921 the vitreous had cleared and then this present

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flowers and ease with the grace of one accustomed to

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be sure especially in the secondary abscesses which

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cirrhosis of the liver may be the result of divers influ

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During this time she was seen by Sir William Milligan. Tonsils removed

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high as 15 to 20 per cent in the Eastern States while

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Of the two remaining patients who are no better one is apparently suffering

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favorably was during the first attack and at this time

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dysmenorrhcea. She was curetted in 1918 with only slight improvement

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assistance of the elemental force of gravity is at once apparent. For this

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save the patient s strength. The radical operations

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She gained flesh rapidly and has remained perfectly

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being found in uncured analysed patients are true their appearance in con

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by neutralizing organic acid at the moment of formation whereas a diminished

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and progression is developed a sense which utilizes these to the animal s

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three children. One abortion with twins eight years

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chloride and using urine in the standard colorimeter instead of water. Several

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tubal mucous membrane. Cullen maintained that he was able to trace a

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the kidneys from running together again the patient being placed with head


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