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neglected by the medical adviser principally no doubt

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mitral valve renders the diagnosis at least doubtful

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figures were found in these large cells. Diplococci

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less favourable in proportion as the shock factor predominated over that of

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health is one of the conditions of human happiness

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the treatment par 4ocdbru36 of all symotie diseases.

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removed the entire rectum and brought down the sigmoid and sutured it to

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as a sedative to the irritated and possibly inflamed

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other near enough to allow the valves to close the con

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from a comparison of the data thus ascertained with

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ers a short mesentery as an important etiological factor

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flat foot only one fifth showed deformity of the back.

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After delivery she made a poor recovery complaining

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quite liable to excite generalization of the disease

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salt and having many uses. The fixed lime has passed through this embryonic

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great distention of the veins and there is usually no

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good will or of hospitable intention on the part of the

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factory examination of the pelvic organs without an

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The two animals which survived the inoculations were

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school of Williamstown on account of the prevalence

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out brain perfectly normal. No pathological condition

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cases is this more true than in suspected instances

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may be due to the fact that accessory glands exist but

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ovaries and a mass of blood olot at one part of which

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tion excepting in the very last stages of the disease

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tion of a litre of the solution once or twice daily

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toms of Graves s disease especially dyspnoea palpita

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