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which vitamin A has been abstracted leads directly to deterioration of the

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coccyx and then dissecting out the growth or diseased

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bers were received by President Carnot who welcomed

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clinical signs are favourable. In other words it would appear that warnings

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parison as you will see is in favor of the organette as

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There are several factors which appear to support this view

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shows no important point. The patient died of meningitis five days after

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to the pathology of the litheemic or gouty diathesis.

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were also found. There was do trace of the primitive

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A part of the gland can perform the function of the

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report of his cases especially the one in which after

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of the duease. Just so there are other cases when the

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between the anterior border and the portion behind the growth long standing

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presumably healthy women acts similarly. The history of vagino fixation

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A small amount of puriform fluid escaped into the ab

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as a foreign body in the place where the pancreas had


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ward the den and giving the snake a quick twist re

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us who during recent travels have not often been pleasantly one of thirteen

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were several others with softened centres. The trachea

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and file them in such a manner as to promote the con

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count of the things that go to destroy the health of

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zontally but descended into its normal position after the operation. In

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Its length is about 7f inches its breadth If inches

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To this third query the therapeutist gave the final

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surrounded by much inflammatory change. In the region of the ulcer the

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electricity hanging strangling suffocation drowning

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intoxication. The ready formed tetanus poison pene

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formulated a series of measures to prevent the Mecca

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It ia important to know exactly what lenoocytosis is

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copious sputum. In my hospital notices prohibiting promiscuous spitting

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From typhoid fever Chioago 9 Milwaukee 6 New York 4

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in Providence he joined Slocum Post and afterwards be

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Chiari is delightful he speaks without notes clearly dis

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explanation to all these things last August. There is a collection of battle

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called attention to an association which he had noticed

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gland must be left in the abdomen to prevent diabetes

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ment will involute with the uterus shorten and after

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care of its victims. A personal friend of the family with

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of treatment which is largely directed toward the res

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Symptoms with Operation Successful Removal of Tumor and

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obscure as that of recovery from delirium or melancholia. In spite of the

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the Leishman Donovan bodies themselves. We found the blue bodies so

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insidious. They are so because of the youth and ac

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from chronic nephritis. A reducing substance was found in routine examination

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uses an apparatus which he describes and pictures in

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sterility of the cultures proves that this precaution

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Williams the Port Medical Officer at Plymouth and he replied that the

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tained and in those there were no somatic manifesta

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pigmentation which was usually manifested by little black moles dotted indiscrimi

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specimens all carefully arranged and catalogued. On the

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war the editor speaks as follows of some of his old

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It has been practised upon members of the race from all

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mastoid for acute suppuration. December 4 1920 Similar operation on

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lamentable fulness of similar experience and I feel

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