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rior wall of the vagina and I began the operation by

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Pressure discovered not the least pain in any part and

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with a fibroma of the breast is this if it troubles her

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treatments with galvanism either intra nterine or by

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current to the hot point. Occasionally larvae become entangled and hampered

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chair of children s diseases in the University of Berlin.

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that all the valves of the heart may become insufficient

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acted as bearers guides and runners. If we liken the regimental stretcher

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the number of corpuscles bad increased from 4 045 000

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was a genuine grievance which was soon settled by sending important cases to

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iegree with that shown in the colored illustrations

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Professor Cornil of Paris declares himself as yet far

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unemployment which occurred in England. While there were many factors in national

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oped which either do not yield or only partially so to

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not likely that this generation nor the next would fail

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Sometimes in fortunate oases this is all the deformity

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knot in a corset string a heavy silver watch press

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absorption and fixation are necessary. Increasing the quantity in the diet and

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fat and for the most part even without glycosuria. It is generally accepted

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tion and utilization is quickly felt. Calcium hunger may change to calcium

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mine its purity and to give copies of such analyses to

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flexure and microscopic examination revealed an alteration in the neuro

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fore he was unable to distinguish between front and rear lights. Nothing abnormal

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hours specific gravity 1 018 to 1 022 with no marked

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different days. This was a case of melancholia with

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of the colleges of Europe as are the lectures them

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chants of onr large cities and the many problems in

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to him that the pathological changes found in the brain

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mother. Had he been supplied with sexual symbols and his dreams were

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scribed by Eberth and Mandry differs in its motility

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contradictory however and the question of its exist

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sions of a by law proposed at Uarrisburg and adopted at

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because there was every evidence that the child was

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fourteen years severe pain from August 1920 till enucleation for absolute

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Bavarian parlance as the beer heart. This beer hearl

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sons. A man is safe from filth disease if he himself

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ilar causes and that sunstroke may be associated with

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Bartholomew s Out patients Department on August 6 1921 the following

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Of the two remaining patients who are no better one is apparently suffering

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the lower lobe. There were old lesions small cavities

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The surgical treatment of uterine fibroid has until

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All eemimnnieationt far the Editor and all bookt for review itouU

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wire of a serre noiud around the neck of the tumor

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clinical history of this interesting case however more

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and Blocq. He obtained pathological processes strik

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the average results obtained by conservative treat

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chronic character. The general health is thus reduced the path is opened up

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The monoplegia judging from the nature of the paral

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SUBSCumoil Tamils 98.00 jxr tear i advance pottage paid

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alight haemorrhage in the dura on the right side cor

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tellectuality took its place and higher civilization took a

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recover with what is called a false joint. The opera

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The Forms of Peritonitis Their Belation to Appendicitis and

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nuolear proliferation of the basement membrane upon which lies only a syn


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