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Time between injury and operation one hour. Penetrating wound
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The situation in Toronto is probably applicable to most Canadian
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The x ray showed a fracture of the carpal cuneiform
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to yield to all other kinds of treatment including serum treatment.
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Upon the urine a large amount of work has been done. Mitchell
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arthropathies may appear early and if they become chronic may
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appendiceal origin. Biliary lithiasis chronic chole
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digitalis 30 minims every four hours for five days a drop in pulse
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and ventricle and it strengthens heart action by some direct action
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is a definite symptomatology which should save much of the present
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digitalis 30 minims every four hours for five days a drop in pulse
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field and politicians must learn that the furthering of the health
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If children are accustomed to biological work in which scientific
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of the patient seems to be less than that which follows an excision
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half grains daily. After a few days the patient devcloi cd a flaccid
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condition was bettered but the i atient has continued to suffer
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tuberculosis nor with the blood serum in cases where a tuberculous
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tion statistics. Only the mortality figures for the registration area
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much more slowlv than do the other earlier manifestations. This
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is begun as outlined in former papers and the tolerance of the
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tative diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease was
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particularly the joints. Inoculations in monkeys a calf guinea pigs
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since the functional derangements thus produced are often slight
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for forty five years in the old Stuyvesent Park Dis
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hours. This washing and centrifugalization were repeated four
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caused to be printed his Advice How to take his Medicines
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in the past through the examination of selected groups usually the


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