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appointed by the Clinical Society of London to inves

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Circinate Retinitis to Nasal Side of Optic Disc with Excavation

is 4 valium an overdose

ever that this paper has principally to deal. There

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to form masses or concretions of any size. Certain it

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take us the hotel proprietor was in despair at having such

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H. FoBwooD deputy surgeon general Ma job Chaki.m Smabt

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Three years later anterior meatal wall swollen. In October 1920 aural

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most often seen after operations upon the abdominal viscera less commonly

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the bnlkiness the monstrous tumefaction of the breasts wFth

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valium would impact this neurotransmitter

favorable action on pruritus but must be used in its

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Gladstone s tribute to Sir Andrew Clark and tbe medical profes

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mutual benefit seeing that human beings and animals are liable to similar

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have proved non curative. Age is an important factor.

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the stomach and intestines neither food nor cathartics

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Murphy arthroplasty left hip January 1918. No voluntary movement

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regimental medical officer and were attached to the regimental aid post and

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ized pachymeningitis or lymphoid growths. There was

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squamous or columnar carcinoma or with endothelioma. The most striking

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bacillus was forty one per cent against twenty three

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method has served me well in all sorts of difficult cases

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the absence of all controversial argumentation on settled points

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It may be hypothecated that the vital impulse of the social organism the

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charged as not insane two days later after a briet ex

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results are not all due to the improvement of surgery

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three times but did not seem to get much relief from

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the electrical treatment is to l gt e kept up longer.

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volumes of about seven hundred pases each fully IDuaf

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sheet stretched across. The cross bar for the child s

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the conclusion that his readers are as weary of the

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ordinary operative methods being practised but of the thirty one cases

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never having heard or read of it a funis could arise from

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of tuberculosis be false then those who drive it to

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OI gt stetrlcian. A famous country obstetrician two centuries ago 374.

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fogressed still further to the patient s great con

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the exciting cause of which was traumatic in character

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day and twice during the night the prone position helping to empty the

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department Apparently two cysts in iris with partition and base consisting

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frequently we succeed in extracting one large one and

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rhoea beginning with the flow and lasting the first day.

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volume in the series known to medical students as the

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pyonephrosis the urea concentration on the unaffected side two and a half

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interpretation Can it be that the increased tension is due to a blocking

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plates are more difficult to apply but more lasting after

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clinical and technical aspects of the treatment are well defined but this cannot

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which was easily accomplished on account of the great

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Where this is impracticable small wards answer very well.

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day that he was discharged from the force he went into

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own domestic circle enjoyed the society of none more than

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committed suicide. Truly wonderful is aseptic surgery it

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stretched the stasis cured and 4 st. added to the completely recovered

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fracture from the first regarded the blow merely co

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aidan who got rid of some of his steel instruments and

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A demonstration was first given of certain further reflexes of the semi

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writes from the point of view of a man of the world

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covers the testicle. I prefer this method because I

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once repair any injuries tbat might have been suffered


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