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end of eight days the ear is not becoming dry and the postaural
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Toronto. I suppose Toronto is not very different in this respect
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tympanitic dulness on percussion and an approach to bronchial
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an infant hospital ami eventually placed on breast milk and after
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tracing showed feeble raj id pulsations but normal rhythm. Jugular
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body indicates that there are three degrees or stages in acid produc
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taken from the cervix and vagina shows nothing. Cultures made from
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on the fact that they may obscure the diagnosis especially when the
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an apical tuberculous lesion and poor cardiac musculature. These
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It would therefore appear to be established on experimental
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bladder anastomoses freely with the lymphatics of the
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been trained in school work in the special classes.
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of gastric secretion through both phases total achylia two cases
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growth suddenly changed from a transparent dewdrop character
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for such a study. One is impressed with the frequency of severe
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patches of mucus in which are enmeshed occasional leukocytes.
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refers to the reciprocal relation of the ductless glands where he
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including the fundus of the eye and the spinal fluid. The paralysis
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males. In parenchymatous nephritis in chiklren Nettleship foimd
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sistent expectoration of from one to three ozs. per
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ized as an anesthetic it was thought possible in this
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Of these 1100 children the cause of blindness in 24 per
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number of cases a surprisingly low phthalein output was shown for
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To gain this end no means is too vile. With Louis it
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five years was brought to the country to recover from a gastric
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tioned and that the deleterious influence of alcohol is much more
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Journal should be addressed to W. M. Leonard Publisher 101
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consideration does not seem to us to be of much importance.
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Health say must they mean business and they have the Public
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of large doses of sodium bicarbonate and the presence of albumin
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fulfil this purpose as well as is practicable for a
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several of the cases of post premature beat alternation but this
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munity s responsibility being considered as a negli
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otherwise let them be reproved and dealt with as is
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with good pulse was not looked upon as contra indication for injec
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