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Nevertheless attempts to force recovery whilst the stimulus to vascular

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Bay G. Removal of foreign body from the anterior chamber of

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In cases when the disease is low down near the anus

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nation require it. The town authorities shall also re

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The following symptoms which generally point to disease of the genital

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forceps to enclose the root is rendered impossible.

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be addreeted to the Editor of the Boiton Medical and Snrgieal Journal

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the alterations in the basal metabolic rate simultaneously with the improve

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kidney to the strain of the ingested urea degrees of functional impairment can

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following heads Diagnosis of Cerebral Disease Trephining for

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Certified a true copy of extracts from By law passed by

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Another important activity called club night should be part of the work

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have had constipation as obstinate as before. I particularly emphasize this

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forcible correction of deformity 3 tendon transplantation 4 tenodesis

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therefore steal the tallow candles provided by the management for lighting

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We repeat that free association is an instrument very useful for discovering

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of combined mitral lesions with 10 deaths in all 57

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evident desire to get rid of an irritant behind the nose.

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simultaneously injected. This proves that the capacity of the kidney for

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flexibility of a not wholly rigid spine so that its de

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graphic account of cases which he has witnessed when

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it paralyzes the heart but the collection of records

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tion and utilization is quickly felt. Calcium hunger may change to calcium

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My paper contains one or two original practical suggestions but I propose

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most severe form of diabetes mellitus. In one class of

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subcutaneous tissue radial nerve was found lying immediately on head of

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the glycosuria of pregnancy. In the case of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus

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disease where paralysis was present where there was

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small amount of arsenic may be quite as good a source

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toxines and by their irritant action on the parts which

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bad pains but in her estimatioD the pain was lecond

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aaggests that all patients be photographed upon admis

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adrenal glands are used for chemical estimation of the adrenalin content and

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sive diet of alkalinized milk is desirable for a time.

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low down in the labial sulcus and was considerably misplaced. It was only

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had lifted up the broad ligament on each side and that

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as such they are denied admission to military organizations

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If such an incident as the above were to be taken as

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