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    Medical Officer of Health may order the examination of persons

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    the other two being entirely at variance therewith. The rest were

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    results of this investigation demonstrate that in general the tests

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    up some of those puzzling cases of polyserositis or polyorrhomenitis

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    made with the patient in the sitting posture with a Faught mercury

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    limb and organs. He prefers skin flaps to epidermal

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    syphilis. Nonne makes the following statement In general

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    there remain two points to clear up how it was that

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    numbers of normoblasts which may occasionally occur in crises. 5

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    the degree of degeneration. For syphilis however these figures have

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    Editorial Department should be sent to the Editor of the Boston

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    or balsam. The capsule could be demonstrated also in smears

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    plies particularly in differentiating duodenal ulcer.

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    No evidence of tuberculosis in any organ either grossly or micro

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    The usual results of the proper management of these

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    Patient referred to medical wards of Jefferson Hospital October


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