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and in that of other investigators the superiority of

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in the Medical Department of the University of Penn

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worse until they reached their acme about 4 o clock

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described it. Acute epididymo orchitis of right testicle followed and he began

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In cases of tuberculosis of the urinary tract where the bladder irritability

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be very sensitive to changes of temperature its activity depending upon the

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from running directly from the posterior nares into

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been done there is no difiSculty or loss of time in re

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desire soon after to urinate again so that the patient

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overcoming this painful and disagreeable sequel which

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blood could induce intravascular clotting and on the other hand septic diseases

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ing the administration of food or other disturbance

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in a case of possible unseen haemorrhage is of course very great.

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Irregular every 20 30 days weeks lasting 6 dys. Last men.

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Case shown in hope of eliciting suggestions as to cause of condition and

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dition to earn a living for his family in the shortest

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expressed as to its being scarlet fever. It had faded

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The writer had failed to observe rapid disappearance

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tion as they destroy many important details. With the exception of those

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she then said that she felt better than for years and

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amount present in the body at one time. Probably it never reaches that

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occasion is to approach the subject from the deductive

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on the hatched miracidia. A concentrated solution in water killed them in

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the pipette and counting only the ruled spaoe. As the

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to the non danger of acute gonorrhoea in females and

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fourth cervical and sixth dorsal the ganglia were left

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to the out patient department of the Carney Hospital

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and serious obstruction in the arterial field from the right ventricle and was

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pregnancy and then dwindle to the size of the little

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expressed as to its being scarlet fever. It had faded

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Summary of the Eesults of the Microscopic Examination of the

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never shall be able to use it to any advantage for the

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a definite tumour in it the differential diagnosis from other rectal neoplasms

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were encouraging especially after the radical opera

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lymphoid follicles. All varieties of white corpuscles

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I could deal more adequately with this complication. I am sure the operation

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the chest below the nipple in front extending into the

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the patient less liable or susceptible to infectious if

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She consented and we found extra uterine foetation of

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Sir Berkeley Moynihan s Cases of Partial Colectomy for

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Mr. J. Herbert Fisher thought that the dangers of operation were much

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the issue is so important as the cure of tuberculo

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Diphtheria was the next disease to tetanns to be in

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themata except perhaps small pox in which it is said

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orrhage is less or may be even controlled altogether

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better applied than are those governing the steerage

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was fatal apart from the mortality of the injury preced

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destroy the ligaments on the posterior part of the car

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KMMny Swrgton to St. Jo eph t HotpUal SurgtoH to Out PatieaU at

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There are two factors which are largely concerned in Lowering post

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of an yses of his urine showed this condition. I never

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clinical condition of it and calling it phosphatnria

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cumstances calling for medico legal investigation under


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