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of Martin may serve to encourage operators in a new
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tion of the formative period of the University. From a
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have the bacillus in their mouths and noses or throats
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Friedmann considers the affection to be as indepen
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people are living at the present day in habitations
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bone removed will determine the actual shortening of the foot which will
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York who was called in consultation. The child died
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the most terrible in my whole experience. I arrived
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electrical changes are sometimes present in muscles
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labyrinthine drainage of the meninges the patients were asked to attend but
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above the level of the waste places in the Great Dis
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the force will be exerted against the distortion. Pre
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about flve minutes the pulse could be felt. The other
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All fear is hampering to successful psychotherapy and psychotherapy will
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the glycosuria of pregnancy. In the case of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus
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is then opened with a curved bistoury and scissors
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stitute ether for chloroform. The statistics as pre
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The territory covered includes eight blocks and two
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nution in the thickness of the walls. The dilatation
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least not appreciable to practical tests and for this
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the causation to be increasingly severe infections saying that acute
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tonsillectomy cases Eoss found that 22 per cent of cases showed acetone and
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of patients suffering from such conditions as enlarged prostate and other genito
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responsible. 2. Etiological factors for which someone
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the mortality apparently due to staphylococci would
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cure. If the former is obtained the author is satis
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yellowiah pigment in irregularly shaped flakes. It is
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the ulceration was apon the conjunctival surface where
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ments that I have seen recorded thus far can compare
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roae. Salines were given in drachm doses every hour.
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General Hospital of which he was one of the surgeons.
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and city poorhouses and asylums of the State exclu
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these last cases have seemed to me to be very sugges
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you will often get a contraction whereas you will not
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quantity the abstracted portion was replaced particularly so if the saliva were
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hold himself in a correct attitude. In those lighter
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that operations to saw the bone and replace the limb in
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diphtheria a disease which is always with us and very
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saw was sent to me as a simple cyst of the ovary and
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syphilitic patients for many years and they have in
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cannot be obtained by splintage or tendon transplantation.
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halation of the infectious material. This method of
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baths on the pulse and heart but the favorable effects
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throat may look perfectly normal antil the bacterio
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syphilis causes general paresis. In one of the speci
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Cells per cubic millimetre 2 120 polymorphs 90 per cent. lymphocytes 10 per
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in motor power. The doodern surgery of the spine is
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In shape the oocysts are spherical and show considerable variation in size.
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know to be blood borne were regarded as ascending and the spread of


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