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    The first of the two cases reported in the present paper is
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    metastasise and is in an easier location for opera
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    achylia ner ous exists the reverse a pronounced secretion during
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    ment was extremely weak and appeared to be in serious condition.
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    and I believe that it is in these chronic eases that
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    excrete arsenic and as a result poisoning may occur.
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    to suit the particular case and partial resection of the lower jaw is
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    The entire book brings out the practical side of the subject and
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    of condensation. It grew slowly on the slant appearing for the
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    marked all r of the optic nerve and retina from contraction of
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    with 20 per cent antiformin and Seemann demonstrated that a
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    since early recognition and operation alone afford a chajice of cure
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    capsulatus may obscure the presence of cocci in a short time. This
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    be sterile. The patient left the hospital April 23 much improved in
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    drugs and especially the citrate of potash. Do such
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    no effect on blood pressure and conversely the blood pressure may
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    The ocular movements are normal in all directions and the ophthal
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    according to Grosser from the tenth or twelfth day before the first
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    standard of morality. Other important causes are bad home con
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    in cerebral syphilis as positive in general paresis and further that
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    report upon a small series of cases studied by a modification of his
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    Relative Pulmonaiy Insufficiencj Graham Steell Murmur. By Joseph
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    instance of the association of appendicitis and rheumatism.
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    These mortality rates especially what is known as the General
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    about twice normal size. Little ascites hemorrhagic pericarditis
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    the ventricle. The left vagus is distributed to the auriculoventricu
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    at the same decade the contrasts in this curve being noticeably
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    heart which lasts for a few minutes. Since the operation he has had
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    physicists have proved that both the Roentgen rays and the gamma
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    perament and the ictim of long indoor hours overworry and
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    clinic at Christie Street Hospital. A nurse from the Hospital Ex
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    Society has the right to protect itself against eventualities and
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    cause every such patient either to be examined by two physicians
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    sured the opinions in former published Annual Discourses nor will
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    chapters are given descriptions of the development of the various
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    experimental evidence is also lacking. From a prac
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    relation of the disease to any element of the dietary. 6 In these


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