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    sexual ofl ences represent the moral conscience of the nation An

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    popular that it will be felt to be indispensable to our Canadian life.

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    writing was incited by the lack of a satisfactory book of reference

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    This case is extremely instructive. It shows according to the

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    as well as technical aid in treatment and diagnosis the book makes

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    relation upon the symptoms arising from these organs.

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    was but a trace except during an attack when it again increased.

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    changes such as would be expected from a stud of the mode of

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    twelve different organizations with an attendance of

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    the incubator at 37 as positive. Occasionally a non syphilitic serum

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    repeated injections of blood. Apart from its great simplicity it

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    The views therein presented are extremely speculative and at times

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    Artificial Pneumothorax According to the Method of Forlanini with

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    He describes the technic of the radical operation in

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    days has contained a little blood. During this time he has had a

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    appendix with what appeared to be gangrenous areas in the adjacent

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    dirt and chemically for butter fat etc. It need hardly be stated

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    Lippmann and Hofschmidt Zentralblatt f. Innere Medizine vol.

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    especially in pernicious anemia. The increase in the

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    quent x ray examinations are essential. The patient

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    horrors of despair claims the help of her friends to

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    attention to the relal ionship of defective develop

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    I For convenience of social workers and physicians.

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    syringe. The solution thus obtained is centrifuged for twenty minutes

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    greatest importance is readily conceded but laboratory evidences of

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    nature of chronic interstitial nephritis have been made upon the

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    puscles is of great help in the diagnosis of an ulcera

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    was lanced externally. Blood and a little us escajH d and the

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    operation is indicated approaching the joint by the anterior route

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    similar tendency had been recorded. Table A illustrates this

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    the first few hours of its life upon ordinarj culture

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    Litigation is always the last resort. Many of the cases of the poor

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    of the spleen existing with an acholuric non obstructive jaundice

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    Mother died at forty five cause Personal History no venereal

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    showed characteristics similar to those described in the left lower

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    coming back they met others going out to the bush. The point is

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    died in the third week from severe bronchopneumonia and heart weak

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