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    sician who sent the patient to Sanatorium also to the district

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    if any proliferation of the connective tissue associated with the

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    yet prove confusing. Several instances of this have come to my

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    gradually increased in caloric value. The principles underlying this

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    The great ditterence of the figures quoted is undoubtedly due to

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    treatment played little part although some reliance

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    cardiac symptoms had impressed his physician to the extent of

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    san. In these cases the best method of administration

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    tic pains are in like manner referred to the hip the

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    indicated by special conditions is a very useful ex

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    bacilli is likewise suggestive. If coupled with this there are bits

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    inoculation. Careful autopsies were also performed upon each of

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    reaches a higher dcAelopment and persists longer than in man. The

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    manufacturer of dairy equipment. Without doubt many of these

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    cases was greatly hastened by transfusion. The same may be said

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    affection he is inclined to advance the hypothesis that the toxin

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    the method it is superfluous in this report on positive.

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    was an apparently good reason for discontinuing the breast feeding.

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    Re education and training are two things that a heart clinic

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    Papers for publication and all other communications for the

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    hours is his lower level of normal. An elimination of

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    Dr. Farley of the Ontario Medical Association thanked the

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    case. In nine instances a radical hysterectomy was subsequently

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    the Dozent on the morning rounds more than once say

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    later paralyzed. Of the 12 fatal cases 7 died of res

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    B shows most characteristic position of inclusions at periphery of

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    the fact that mitral stenosis fell into four clinical

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    county whose duty it shall be to attend any trial at

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    the cervical sympathetics spasmodic ischemia of the whole cere

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    Jefferson Medical College in 1S70. Dr. Griffith was

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    the teasing tenesmus. At irregular intervals he was


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