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of gravity. It is very easy to see how the appendix

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and republished by Bradlaugh and Mrs. Besant explaining so called Malthusian

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in Denmark and it appeared to him that such statis

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of your patients friends and institution or whatever

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lege of Physiciaos and dealt with the various sides of

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The Modern Climatic Treatment of Invalids with Pulmonary

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I can relate one experience which will prove it was

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ings of the cord were inserted into a raised rim of

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On examination of the colon in other regions multiple sacculi were seen some

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of emetine only and if no improvement results he will diagnose bacillan

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without an anassthetic for preference as the elimination of the dye seems

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day and his brain is far more liable to disturbance

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depreiaiou have a causal relation are all those derange

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fact that many Indian cases of low fever subsequently die of unmistakable

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cal genius of the dramatist ancf the medical profession

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friend in a new form as once again admirably adapted

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the interval that has elapsed since the injury. Such

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ter Somerville and Tannton 1 each. From measles New York

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may be correlated and brought into close connection

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enlarged and congested the subcutaneous vessels over

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ankle supplied by limb makers the Hanger type which allows easy limited

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permanent external dislocation of right patella with knee joint in position of

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ever seen. I remember one of the first cases at the

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baths on the pulse and heart but the favorable effects

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extent the pulse drops immediately after from 120 to

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were numberless discussions of an intimate nature upon the difficulties of the

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ing bacilli in doors and out. The physician himself

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proaches completion and in consequence the writings

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once eighteen days twice for two to three weeks and

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private practice should be demanded in all public in

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Protestant or Catholic. A short incursion into this

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arranged that ita periataltic wave corresponds with

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coat of the uterus will partake with the uterus iu the

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of differentiation by the appearance now and then of definite spermatogonia and

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lar development and to increase the flexibility of the

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The problem of filling the emptied canals should not be difficult. Wherever

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polyuria are constant accompaniments of the glycoa

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viously subject to periods of insanity which in some

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ness in one eye alone. All lesions posterior to the chi

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Home Disinfection the Relation of the Medical Officer

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three of locomotor ataxia and six of what I nuay call

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September 18th the patient s weight was 192 pounds

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called to see her. At this time she was fairly well

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nervous patients especially the slight operation necessary to obtain blood may

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tubes are removed the lumen of the tube is obBtructod

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tic dressing applied. Patient bad a comfortable night.

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Bearing these facts in mind consider for a moment the hard gouty tooth

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blue and brilliant green. Methyl green is particularly useful for indicating the

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Wenyon and O Connor 6 in 1917 stated that though isolated cases of

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short lucid spells during the night and ending in death

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and endangering the patient from choking while breath

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of having injured his right side while playing with

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Since that date many articles have been published advocating the use of

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the symptoms were chiefly those of intense pain radiat

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Various. Spastic deformities 20 relapsed club feet 11 mid tarsal

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regard to the pneumogastrics Corin found that press

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sions or they fail of execution it is not diflScuh for us


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