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respectfully demands that the Trustees of the Journal shall
what is a recreational dose of valium
interactions between nexium and valium
Utah the route is over the Southern Pacific and the train is doe
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spouse. The second was the sluggishness of the cou
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could not be the whole explanation for practical demonstration of the falsity
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Superficial Deposit of Cholesterin in Corneal Scar.
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bottom of each side of the pelvis the iliac vessels were
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dren have been very sick. All the physicians in that
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try its effect on other exanthematic diseases sncb as
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abnormality save a high amount of indican on each occasion of examination.
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surgical and medical point of view I have no hesitation in recommending
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be kept from its harm. Golf playing is the cause of
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justi amp es me in laying down the high office you intrusted to
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seven of which microscopic examination was made it was observed that in
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also in the character of the lesions produced in the
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tip of the nose. It is extremely painful lasts five or
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of incipient necrosis that all persons complaining of
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of same specimen showing distended gland spaces lined by columnar epithelium
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scleroses may arise from infection or intoxication. In
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ilenm where there was an area of dulness three inches
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has been observed in a number of cases in the inocu
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other two cases of gangrene where the conditions for
what is valium made of
conjunctival tissue covering the hole which looked very dangerous. Ee was in the
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are removed twice a day the parts washed with super
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of the brute indicates a different condition of the interior
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over estimate and an under esfimate many of the errors are insignificant.
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weeks ago begun to have attacks of sharp pain in the
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price. It needs only the resolute continuance of this wise
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the commanding officer for temporary duty at that post.
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By enucleation of the tumor and clamping of vessels
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how many mg of valium should i take to get high
withoat a bacteriological examination do not present
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then work as hard as you please and drive the mind of
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Those of pure cultures of diphtheria bacilli killed
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from the oxidation of the waste albuminoid tissues of
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Major. An improved method of draining the antmm of High
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In the second series of these exercises in which the
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the vagina was able to resist the pressure of urine
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Other matters of medical interest of which he spoke
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lymphatic and other glands were in close contact with the lymphatics. The lymphatic
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the styloid process of the ulna and put the bone into
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in his assertion which is not justified by observation
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as it was absent in oases of brain syphilis sarcoma gen
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it is very disgusting to hare an anal opening in the
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associated with procidentia If irritation were a predisposing cause it should be a
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damage to tissue and immobilization of limbs. On the other hand the men
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tion excepting in the very last stages of the disease
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published in which the partial removal of the enlarged
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considerable amount of secretion trickling down from
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and same situation c fistula of both external semicircular canals.
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tight lacing of the boots around and above the ankle
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Renolved Th amp t the attention of the Hon. Minister of
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ated valvular second sound due to increased arterial
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The general opinion thus seems to be that other or
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break of the disease throngh the injection of the serum
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form of functional failure we have utilized the estimation of the urea and
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the effects of a localized pelvic peritonitis the cause of
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mother is in the last stages of disease before the opera
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