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Papers for publication and all other communications for the
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omyelitic defect. The next situation in which I have
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about 14.6 per cent repeat their ectopic pregnancies.
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Family history good. Personal History denies kies alcoholic.
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forced to employ reflection reason and the method of trial and
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Perhaps there has been a somewhat closer agreement between the
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an attractive form much that will be new to the general practitioner.
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nephritis are present with infective heart disease is known to all
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inoculation. No e idence of tuberculosis upon gross or microscopic
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ceded tabes dorsalis. To the pain due to tabetic root lesions we
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A complaint made by a lady that some hay seeds in the milk
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and all that they may contain. Of particular practical use are the
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he served as surgeon of the Seventeenth United States
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under chloroform varying the size of the cup applied. In forty three
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morality stands for a great good available in sex life. Monogamic
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Drachter does not consider this sign in any way spe
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repeated injections of blood. Apart from its great simplicity it
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enlargement of mesenteric or retroperitoneal lymph glands.
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was found in the case reported by Mitchell P lexner and Edsall.
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ease declared by the Public Health Council to be dan
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ment by posture of cases of movable kidney in which
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making a fistula through which the substance can be
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many were suddenly taken away and again in March he
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the existence of pellagra and Harris concluded that he had confused
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just the same as in those patients who were very anemic. They
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and joint cartilage. The most difficult is the knee
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temperature was normal throughout and the cerebrospinal fluid was
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sister said Let s play being married. To which her brother
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On page 2 5 the intern was right and Dr. Murphy wrong about
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with its outer end covered by sterile al sorl ent cotton which filters
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from this disease have declined from 75 attributable to pulmonary
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ing a neurologist and the father returned to me with
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The cells stain poorly and show mucoid and fatty degeneration
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produce severe and intractable mycotic ulcers in their tissues
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the first and second year students in the different faculties.
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two years old no miscarriages. Xo history of lues. Since birth
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trating power and filtering out the lower inefficient rays we must
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precedes the former the etiological connection of tonsillitis with
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by this method one may recover esophageal sediments of diagnostic


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