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intestine the liability to microbic penetration and in

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cause shown and after hearing may by unanimous vote revoke

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appendix a cuff of the peritoneal coat of the appendix

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examined for the civil service commission. Practically

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no allowance for exaggeration by the narrator. Pliny quotes an Arabian giant

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fees as herein specified and so much of said receipts as may be

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to seven years or more. Therefore in severe forms of

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for such term as may be deemed fitting and in flagrant

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called at my office to read the paper to me. He pref

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iimilar case speaks of it as one of the curiosities of

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tion of the pelvic roof impacted dermoid cysts etc.

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surface showing its imperfect enamel organ and calcified enamel and dentine

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In regard to the treatment by removing the ovaries

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brsB by this effort and while no harm is done a scream

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Bombay Anti Tuberculosis League and Sanitary Institute are exotic prepara

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demands consideration. Thus slight glycosuria may accompany albuminuria

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Hospital March 21 1894 he had been shot with a small

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top of the hill. Intermittent fever broke out among

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in long standing cases and with a preventative course

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with a definite limiting wall the second temporary molar was embedded in its

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enter obliquely and just to the left of the median line

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citis is very common and that it simulates many kinds

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cylinder is placed horizontally and has doors at each

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same. In both the blood pressure becomes very low because of the diminished

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the character of a general disease. The micro organ

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legislation is one which in its whole scope and effect in

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ance not only in the cortex of the brain but through

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the Pacquelin cautery and packed with iodoform ganze

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to the hospital rose spots were abundant the spleen

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is also necessary to be on the lookout for complica

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The initial laboratory accommodation was supplied by a temporary tenancy

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and these divisions end in the production of two or

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are well marked. There is no pulsation in the jugular

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only 60 to 70 per cent of general paresis whereas in

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stands in a causal relation to a very large proportion

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follows how far it is practicable we must leave to our

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cortical irritation towards the lesion in that of cortical

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Tariff Reform A Hannfactarer s Point of View. By Arthur

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sufficiently well recognized and partly because the notes were often incomplete

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follow an order forbidding a marriage undesirable from every point of view to

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walnut. In three or four cases I have seen the cyst

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gitis New York 4 Chicago and Lowell 3 each Cleveland Pitts

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The two principal ways of controlling the three bearer divisions were

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electrical excitability and becoming atrophied. There

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perforation visible pre or post operative. Growth large and deep it

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berry was strong and robust and weighed one hundred

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in by a number of the promiuent members of the Col

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ticularly of which there are so few in this country.

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come to autopsy so that the pathological lesions in each case

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have a real and positive influence in the origin and

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forwards downwards and in width and that this takes place sporadically in


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