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lighters. Dr. Williams had made inquiries regarding sickness and mortality
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Ten grains of quinine given at height of fever caused
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find that disease of the tarsus is of very frequent
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bringer s statistics of the Friedrichshain Hospital
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both feet a large number will be seen to walk straight
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club feet which have resisted the use of tenotomy or
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of bis own intestine or indirectly through the eggs of
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The cut surface of this is gray granular and on press
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Of the two remaining patients who are no better one is apparently suffering
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which have been considered of syphilitic origin also.
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ovoid. Sometimes the colonies just below the surface
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substance which activated coagulation of the blood even when injected in
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the question of isolation becomes important. In the
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operated on her at the Carney Hospital. The follow
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material being the uncleanliness of the attendants.
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He believes that in this as in other similar but not so
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brief resume oi his whole account of the process of
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In no other disease is observation so valuable and helpful for in no
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It is to be hoped nevertheless that they may be ob
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the peritoneum above to act as a shield in case an ex
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the lupus tissue gradually decreases and disappears
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freqaent applicalions of hot poultices. In this way
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States. This will hardly have for eflFect to stimu
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Tracing showing effect upon the heart of a dog which
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fall or early winter by the washing into it of typhoid
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the cases we used to call htematocele the haemorrhage
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At the end of fourteen days the stitches are removed and after final
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cases it has been known to begin with the arms then
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