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    the whole book pathology receives prime consideration and is

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    of the parietal peritoneum which will be called peri

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    rotary forms and their diagnoses rest upon the following factors.

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    be produced in rabbits by feeding pathogenic bacteria Chastenet

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    Nine months after this last operation there is no evidence of

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    disease but few facts exist to help us. Splenectomy has been tried

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    at 0.475 per cent. Widal Abrami and Brule showed that in some

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    one passed from observation and the third is the case I wish to

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    otherwise the palms were free. Forty four lesions of all sizes were

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    lesion that may be termed tendinitis. The common factor is the

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    superabundant energy and diplomacy will not suffice if there is

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    in keeping with the prevalent clinical belief that the high pressures

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    ing in both knees later involving jirogressively other joints. With

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    tissues are not specific. The effect of the radium is

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    cardiac symptoms of an intercurrent gonorrhea and finally.

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    stained deep yellow. This was also true in the duodenum. The

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    But perhaps of all the diseases that prevailed in our

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    appearance of the splenic enlargement. In all but one of our cases

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    that the point of the needle is in the pleural cav

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    should be replaced with cotton for the purpose of restoring the tension

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    much open to question whether the religious service which follows

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