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second group the gonads ovary and testis and possibly the thyroid.

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Early Stage of Disease of the Spine in Children 369

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The one great risk of operation is thrombosis followed by fatal embolism

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if carefully and rapidly performed and especially if

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The growth involved the vaginal wall all round the latter being quite friable.

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paresis right arm and lmnd and right side of face. Reflexes Right abdominal

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quence to neighboring structures and caries of tlie

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wall was plainly to be seen on the inner surface aud

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be brought to bear upon the fixed point of obstruc

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sions but the negative results may be due to its rapid

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dilatation of the os the speaker referred to a sug

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to be abandoned. The first thing that bars the way is

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forming any definite conclusions. But it begins to appear that vitamins

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ciass that the results of partial colectomy are almost uniformly good. We

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her labor had been long and tedious necessitating man

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Later radiograms show that correct position was not maintained and that

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and yielded to incision and drainage through the va

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Cincinnati Nashville Charleston Cambridge and Oloncester 1

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tion may be going on during lactation but the mucous

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generations of the Tukes from the pen of one of their

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Manson Bahr and Fairley to the wrong conclusion of mistaking this phe

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post nasal space with the rhiooscopic mirror must soon

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heart shortness of breath and subsequently the usual

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Even in the large cities there are still to be fonnd

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one hundred cases under care ninety one being in the

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EflForts at resuscitation on the part of the students

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of the labyrinth of which he has seen cases reported.

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well stained. In these cells which are undergoing regressive atrophy the nuclei

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the clot Baccessfullj removed at mj saggestion by Dr.

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the sessions of the committee of which the minutes of

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use of the glass drainage tube in all complicated cases.

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ular disease of the tonsils we should also bear in mind

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Superficially it is inflamed ulcerated and covered by granulation tissue.

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infrequently amongst the out patients we constantly had difficulty in finding

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very foul and offensive and provoke ulceration of the

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Freud in this country are partly responsible for it. They persisted in trying

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provided the disease does not go on to abscess can be

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patient s occupation a suspensory is troublesome and he

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on the right of the culture medium one in the centre

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there are no radiating fissures in the bone and even if

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die influenza has been violently epidemic at Genoa.

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sence of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.

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that it became normal and has remained so. Boy has made a good

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therefrom diagnostic and prognostic might differ. To

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PHENOL PHTHALEIN is used on quite a different principle. A known

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and when the depth of liquid became sufficiently shallow the larvae managed

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of the foetal passages and a good collateral circulation.

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use a large long bladed heemostatic forceps and never

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had abundant cause to fear it. My first alteration there

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some years past been known to occur in the uterus. This neoplasm termed

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the uterus ovaries tubes and anterior wall of the rec

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one of these lives means as the pale cheek regains its

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The principal difficulty in interpreting the results is that the extent of the

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antipyrin in the treatment of the enuresis nocturna

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Gunshot Wound of Right Eye Plastic Operation on the Lid

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with vesicle trouble due to fibroids. One was a case

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are from this cause at the same time there is nothing

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silkworm gut sutures and an aseptic dressing applied.


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