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classify the cases reported by Korsakow and Serbski as puerperal
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The first chapter of this book contains the author s well known
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travels throughout the East and wrote about it in 1712 under the
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from the present and previous articles upon the use
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Perhaps they are right. There is a great deal in the wisdom
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l.i procured upon application to the Surgeon General
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when it comes to appraising the relative value of heart vascular
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ments of the provincial populations are found to be as follows
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vessel of the scalp. We agree that every accidental wound of the
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in cases where pregnancy is interrupted by catheter
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epithelioma usually shows itself within a year after
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to the possibilities of cure by a radical abdominal
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peutic agent is rapidly losing repute. The important
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trating the behavior of adeno phlegmons in the axilla.
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spection imperfect industrial hygiene as yet not much beyond the
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had a nervous attack four or five years before. Di
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pulmonary tuberculosis in contrast to acute miliary tuberculosis
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the first year of life. This is an infant mortality
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Case IV Phipps Institute No. 13391. Female aged thirty
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selection of reproductions for the appearance of which the pub
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leads to a scanty expectoration and ultimately to bronchopneu
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made me suspect a mild attack of eclampsia but with
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found that results have been very ilisappoiuting when the gonococcus
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result is that houses condemned by the Medical Department of
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areas of infiltration. A test of the morphological criteria proved con
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interest but it has most important bearing on the treatment and


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