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enormously in size and hysterectomy vas perfornu d. The patient

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that adopted by Momburg. I did not employ local anesthesia in

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would have a manifest advantage. During the past year we have

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the kidney to excrete salt is decreased much earlier than is the case

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Therefore he does the last cleaning of the field of op

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antemortem and postmortem cultures from lung puncture and

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cocci. The characteristics and prognosis of the various types are

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the manner in which he has utilized this material to mould broad

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portant features of these cases. Few deductions can be drawn from

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and the period of infectiousness undetermined a disease undefined

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the Medical and Social Work of the Psychopathic Hospital June

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culosis as well as that of the Canadian National Council for Com

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trained and overworked the workers are the larger will be the

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with the background of history and a thorough knowledge of the

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gastric ulcer. Both cases ended fatally showing at the autopsy

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tines. The following case will prove of interest in this connection

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Ix tween local and blood eosinophilia and anaphylaxis. Local eosino

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lighting in parks. As a matter of fact through the judicious use

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ing marked shrinkage of the spleen after the radium

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is almost completely round in shape. In flat pelvis if strong version

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and occasionally in difficult cases this may be lengthened to three

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tion cornea hazy. Several ulcers scattered through

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one which was not larger than a cherry. The discovery of even

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precordial region. After a short time he was able to

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Report on Skin Disinfection by McDonald s Solution. McMi llin

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to this the sohition intro kiced has many of the a hantages and

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that many cases of leukemia suddenly show a marked aggra ation of

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have shown similar results. However isolated cases have been reported

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coagulability. As in acute meningitis the amboceptor goes away


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