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    longing to one class. For instance if we took young

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    at regeneration. As the splenic tissue is largely replaced by the

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    and the slow but certain reduction in the size of the spleen in

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    five months. Small movable tender mass in epigastrium. Hemo

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    as a urinary antiseptic examined the urines from 91 patients receiving

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    therapy there were many theories but few facts. It can be stated

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    tions and it was believed that some positive results

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    ure in 21 per cent there was increased pulse pressure in 21 per

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    This patient was given four doses of G0 followed by potas

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    space. The vertical limb is close to the left border of the sternum.

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    he became interested in the venture and in connection with

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    activity of the organisms present a condition which will be referred

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    elaborate table. He discusses the relative merits of

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    the right apex and scattered infiltrated areas with

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    Abdomen Walls thin tenderness in epigastrium especially just

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    ing was started and so of particular interest are the figures in

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    of red cells and fluid from the blood. The paper rep

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    totriches may he demonstrated by skin reactions too.

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    might reasonably be supposed. When seen the exaggeration is

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    tion of the disease was rather longer than usual I hold that both

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    olism of this patient is apparently higher during attacks than in the

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    essary and determines which muscles or sets of mus

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    ing the pyrexia in the early stage of the disease. After the decline

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    calcified tendons will sooner or later discover an instance of ossi

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    tioned for about five years. For four or five months

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