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ample reason why the bl 1 vessels and the ureter can

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plump bacilli and some barred types. Compare description of

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I FIRST saw Dr. Trudeau in the summer of 1888 and when I

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Sujm mary. The chief points brought out may be briefly sum

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ent relieved by removing reflex inhibitory effects upon

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I have not made an extensive study of the laws relating to sex

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and bovine types of tubercle bacilli and that some strains of the

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very atypical and their richness varies in different

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Kaplan in a study of the difi erentiation of paresis and cerebro

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involved and withdrawing about 5 c.c. of dark colored fluid having

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and the muscle is very irregular from the invasion

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liver. The periportal connective tissue is slightly thickened and

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Contribution to the Pathology of the Blood in Chronic Lead Poisoning.

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of salt concentration has occurred in the more severe cases and

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shows no increase in blood sugar corresponding to that in the mother.

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so far as the ordinary laboratory animals are concerned but this

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Garget arises from a number of causes such as one cow steppmg

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studying children. Perhaps the eighth chapter is most interesting

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it possible in the respective patients and by the respective methods.

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of title of the publications and that they should be

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need to be considered. In such a case the moral test becomes the

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in the surgery of the stomach and duodenum. And no one who has

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would hardly indicate a different disease. As to the choice of name

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Summary. 1. Inflammation or irritation of the pleural or

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of the tubercle bacillus is a matter of considerable interest. They

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can infect the guinea pig. Starting with the assumption already

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in 1913 than in 1905. Further analysis of the cases

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in one of his rabbits. This animal also had been given carbonate

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reference to the treatment of angina. He emphasizes that the all

neomycin polymyxin b sulfates and dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension for dogs

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hastening the recovery. His figures in his two series

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of nine or ten they will have unconsciously acquired sufficient know

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Neuropathology of the University of Pennsylvania I was impressed

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