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    Physical Examination. A well developed negro looking sick and
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    the philosophy of radio activity or selective involu
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    In culture from the tongue a section lifter is sterilized in the
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    bacterial protoplasm. Water wines many inorganic and a number of
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    out by Windle Gravier Lewis and others and among the cases
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    great importance in the diagnosis of early tuberculo
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    From him I learned that an axillary gland had been removed and
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    involvement. It is on account of this fact that Hodgkin s disease
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    present. He also describes favorable results with the
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    though it is of no great value. Further work is sug
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    Graham H. M. Retroflexion and Retroversion of the Uterus Lancet Clinic
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    On palpating the abdomen a hard and painful tumor was fouml in the
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    We know how a patient who fears tuberculosis will dodge and evade
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    Symposium on Syphilis with Especial Reference to Its
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    Epidemics. Sanitary Legislation and Related Subjects.
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    are written by Jordan and Mutch and deal with the investigation
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