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    Experimental Investigation Concerning the Influence of Ethyl and
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    its simplicity care and rapidity are points in its favor.
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    rhea cases against this complication. Cases of con
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    frequency and high mortality of pellagra in this coun
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    A study of these cases of glomerulonephritis soon convinces one
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    well marked physiological lordosis often disfigures the trans
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    tion on the Venereal Disease problem both on its seriousness and on
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    was an aspergillus like contamination. After the disfigurement and of great pruritus.
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    The second patient was a young woman whose pulse rate when
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    by private individuals our interest in the whole question is really
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    ment to such hospital or provided he does not sign a request to
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    here the Department can be of help to the dairyman. It is not
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    Pressure of the stomach against the spine either normal or with
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    tumors of the appearance of mycosis fungoides a condition which
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    of pain in the left chest. She developed a cough and expectorated
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    to the fullest extent without the hindrances that inevitably follow
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    this cavity of Hirudin adrenalin solutions. Hirudin
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    there is no response to the swiftly moving bullet. AVhile this
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    Graham H. M. Retroflexion and Retroversion of the Uterus Lancet Clinic
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    occur prompt transfusion should be done preferably by the
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    proper selection of cases. He states that yelography has p o ed
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    antiformin added. Digestion was allowed to proceed for twenty
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    ims but the reactions were just as severe as he had
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    creased nocturnal severity in character. Considering the diffuse
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    increased excretion of acids by the kidney. It is only
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    London Toronto and Windsor little attempt at intensive warfare
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    Just as evolution has wrought changes in man s physical being
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    things in such a simple and brief way as to make them readily
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    cases showed a typical lead palsy and both had lead anemia and


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