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ment for other conditions and consider the chronic jaundice as a
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nificant to the author however than the shortening of the duration of
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the patient died twenty four hours later. Autopsy showed grossly
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In cases of pleurisy of long standing neglect the chest is sometimes
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cise and educational and vocational work. Both could be better
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sides of the stream called after him and built a large brick
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The attacks last about twenty minutes even with rubbing and with
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is a minor consideration bnt the objection does not apply as yet
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ally completely arrest the disease in this otherwise
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time the patient feels fairly well at other periods
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ideal method of administration. As a general rule the
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moderate cumulative signs the uremic cases on the contrary
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count is not always present. The previous findings of others are exten
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patient should be kept absolutely quiet in bed on restricted diet
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Furtber Experiences with the Benzidin Test for Occult Blood in
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together with the submaxilhiry ghmds. a portion of the parotid
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baby. During this year the place of residence was frequently
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miscellany papers from the district societies activi
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certain severe cases of acute nephritis with oliguria the amount of
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in the surrounding structures particularly about the pelvis.
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with adherence to the underlying cortex. The kidney substance
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Journal of Injection. Diseases 1914 xiv 1. Also Relation of ami
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tests with opsonins and found that when separately incubated mixtures


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