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    Dr. John Waugh representing the Ontario Department of
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    small family was perhaps due to the fact that the expense of
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    General Hospital for cardiac trouble. There was profuse uterine
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    inspiratory Haring of the subcostal angle was very much increased
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    The sulphonephenolphthalein excretion was normal during an
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    Assistant Physician General Medical Department Bog
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    toms on the right side accompanied as they were by a friction rub.
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    Operation at New York Skin and Cancer Hospital August 1
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    injection. Zingher and Soletsky have improved Xeisser s method by
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    upon foolish attempts to recover their health by cutting loose from
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    much gas. The odor is regarded as peculiarly foul. The color is
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    salvarsan followed by mixed treatment which was continued for
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    February 28 and March 1. Fnemata effectual and flatus expelled.
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    the writer the severity of the attack was reduced suggests that
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    Many other cases might be referred to but sufficient data have
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    Society to be present at this meeting and take part
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    Of the 5 cases of chronic lymphatic leukemia 1 showed little
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