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    berculosis and its spread must not be neglected and

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    The chief characteristics of the condition of sul gt

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    the author was able to produce sera having very strong agglutinating

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    King had found experimentally that removal of the spleen caused

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    on the left and they were almost as thickly scattered over both

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    The simplest form of this disease is represented by cold hands

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    them. Whereas now those who desire the greatest good from their

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    cytes 20 per cent. large mononuclears 14 per cent. eosinophiles

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    although he had no mortality in his series he warns

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    Venereal Diseases are widespread and damaging. The British

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    field of sex education. Such inclusion of reference to sex in various

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    cases presenting themselves for diagnosis the following conclusions

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    found in the figures from England and Wales for the period 1881

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    is not carried out as well as it ought to be. espe

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    rhages and fibroses were the chief lesions. Since then others have

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    immediately below the diaphragm especially in pericardial effusion

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    to myocardial efficiency. It is obvious that a grouping on a basis

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    tuberculin produces a clear cut cutaneous reaction by

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    advances in medicine have been made by men themselves handi

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    blood has an effect and that the results of transfusion are ijood

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    toxication the cerebrospinal fluid is always under increased pressure

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    liable to be called for at any time and one important part of

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    autopsy in a girl suffering from chronic lead poisoning. Laffitte

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    reappears as a rule. If accessible to palpation the absence of a

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    time and money saved both doctor and patient in urinary tests.

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    caloric value of fats and their power to inhibit gastric secretion are

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    from irritation of the serous co ering of the diaphragm is a true

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    the question of why was not the milk inspection pro

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    alwavs present to some extent does not vomit cxcejjt when i ain

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    Stocker has recorded a case of progressive lenticular degenera

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    in mind. Adrenalin 1 to 1000 solution TUxv was given subcutaneously every hour

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    Inspection of the faucial opening of the tube during the production of

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    be clearly understood that any saving attempted by getting an

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    sweats. Furthermore a careful physical examination will often

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    ment is glad to avail himself of the treatment provided and will

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    would have to be strangely blind if he did not think

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    one or both and in pulmonary affections suffers not only from too

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    In anticipation of these inevitable consequences it

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    seen by the round yeasts enlarging and becoming oval. As the

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    fied Stomach tube is the only satisfactory method of


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