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At the autopsy the larynx was found to be considerably

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also clearly defined. It is not at all likely that these

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special symptoms are present excepting that of pro

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and very thin walled vascular sinuses. The cavity of

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elastic rings of large calibre did better than the in

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Case IV. Female aged 54. Sympathizing inflammation in second eye three

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Johnson F. W. 266 265 oases of extri uterlne pregnancy Elliot

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had their origin in the anterior wall of the uterus

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unfavorable results. That is now a year and oue h lf

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side and the glass drain had meanwhile been removed.

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desirous of preserving such a trophy and although the

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syphilis and in one case of oophoritis where he had

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dislocation of the thigh upon the dorsum of the ilium.

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little animal to the woman a vast decrease in the pains of

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increased as evidenced by the greater excitability of the animal the pilo

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which he lives he has a legal standing but his diploma

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pregnancy Caesarean section was chosen and carried out in 1921 with success

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g amp na showed a general infection with colon bacilli. No

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insistence on an abnormally large thoracic expansion is a relic of the days

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the recommendations with regard to weight as shown in Army Recruiting

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which is usually the result of direct violence. Short

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purment of control of the bladder. I had intended to

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Sooner or later most patients afflicted with malig

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introduced in a different position and retained for

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done a great many of these operations have not found

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I WOULD draw the members attention to two special points in the following

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One of the companies of instrnction of the Hospital

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wag haunted night and day by fear of a similar fate.

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rapidly and with as little manipolation of the ateras as

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great majority of European adults show post mortem evidence of old or

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gether with the loss of the fold in the groin flattening

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but by the ingenious method of Wittmaack who discovered that after extreme

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of tlie iodide during the day the urine will contain

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negative result was also recorded in six cases of pur

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strong and exists a long time. If on the other hand

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places in the throat and the stick is then placed in a

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penetrate the duct when there is a biliary fistula with

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The question is whether that is so in anything except

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color and excessively distended. Deep in the pelvis

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On the Significance of the Extra Cusp commonly found on the Antero

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of cold to the spine or cold over the forehead or cold

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over a ill be made to visit the Lake and Garfield BMch. From

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The theory of maternal impressions from the litera

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ject I came to learn. It has always been taught that

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to learn that her husband s time and it often seems

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fetched one of an injury to the ankle of one of her other

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ticed that swallowing was painful. Examination of the

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stated to be true that is that it is not the caloric

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standard while the normal kidney reacted readily to stimuli which increased

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Death is often due to purulent infection bed sores or

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to pay tribute the territorial boundaries of the empire

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tion to forced labor that is gentle but rapid dilatation


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